Last weekend the WRP team (above as: Paul, Jacqueline, Kiran, Elizabeth, Robin, Katina, Jordan, Heather, Taylor & Juan Carlos) spent they day in Atlantic Beach, NY for our 2012 board retreat! We had a great day full of icebreakers (that even the ice-breaker-phobic among us enjoyed) pizza and daring each other to jump in the slightly cold ocean.

As you can see we had a lot of fun, but we also got a lot of work done. Those file folders on the beach aren’t just for show! We were busy planning our Fall Fundraiser (info coming soon!), planning our first chapters, and talking about how we can get more volunteers up on roofs in the near future. We are also looking for co-chairs for Events, Development & Social Media and we are planning to expand our Junior Board soon.

One thing is for sure, our team is awesome. In the next few weeks we’ll be highlighting them for you on the blog so you can ¬†learn more about us individually, so check back here for updates.

If you’re interested in joining us let us know! Email and we’ll send you in the right direction!

Happy Summer!

A huge thank you to our friend Robbie for hosting us in his beautiful home! You can check out his other favorite NYC non-profit America Scores – NY here!

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