In August of 2013, while many New Yorkers were indoors escaping the late summer heat beside their air-conditioners, a forward-thinking engineer at the Lexington School for the Deaf had an idea. He picked up the phone and called our project manager. That day, White Roof Project and Lexington School agreed on an ambitious plan to coat the nearly 80,000 square foot rooftop at the school’s huge campus.

Yes Deaf Can

One year since the school first contacted us, we could not be more excited and proud to begin the first phase of our largest endeavor to date. In conjunction with Earth Week, phase one kicks off on Friday, April 25th. We’re starting with building number four – home of the Hearing and Speech Department.

Lexington School Front Door

Lexington is the largest school for the deaf in New York State. In addition to comprehensive education programs for children ages 0-3, preschool, elementary, middle and high school programs, a foreign language transitional program, and deaf multiply disabled program known as the Special Education Unit; the school provides a mental health clinic, a hearing and speech clinic for adults, vocational training, arts programs, and even a debate team. Until you see the sprawling campus of Lexington School, its hard to believe that so much takes place under only five roofs!

This project was made possible with the help of our sponsors MetLife, former Councilman Peter Vallone Jr, Councilman Constantinides, USPowerGen, and our many individual supporters. 

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