One of our first DIY projects this summer was our Event Director’s father’s medical office in Jacksonville, FL. Thank you Dr. Kanter  for helping curb climate change down south! Want to paint your own roof? Find out more HERE.

Where did you hear that painting your roof white could help you save money and curb climate change?

I heard about WRP from my daughter, Elizabeth Kanter a couple years ago. She is very involved in WRP and she convinced me that it was a worthwhile endeavor. As a Floridian, I expect high electricity bills every Summer. But, the past few Summers have been extremely dry, and my electricity bills have been much higher than normal. I thought it was time to look into energy-saving solutions. I look forward to seeing the benefits of having a cool roof, mainly in reducing my cooling costs. I am also looking into LEED certified shingles for my home.

You did the research and found our DIY kit, did you find it easy to follow? What was the most challenging part? Is there anything we can do to help or have made the process easier or more instructive?

Yes, I did. I had very good people involved, including my daughter. They were able to secure the best supplies were able to apply it to the roof in a skillful fashion. We used BLACK JACK 4.75-Gallon Elastomeric Roof Coating from Lowes. The cost per paint can was extremely low – was around $80 per can – and the benefit of not having to replace my roof – which is an added bonus to the energy saving costs – is very alluring. In Florida, I normally have to replace my roof more than once in 10 years, which can cost 10s of thousands of dollars. This paint coating has a warranty of 10 years, and cost less than $200 to complete. that combines with saving up to 40% on my cooling costs seems like a no brainer. I am lucky that I was not up on the roof painting – the temperatures were hovering around 104 degrees Fahrenheit, with the typical Florida daily thunderstorms, so I would say that is the biggest challenge – mother nature. Luckily they were able to paint early every morning and the paint was dry by the time the afternoon showers arrived. The process did take a few days – with cleaning, drying and painting – so I would recommend having committed people to the project in order to complete it in as few days as possible.

You mentioned you already feel a difference! What kind of building do you live in and what has been the temp change?

One story medical office with a flat roof. 1,280 square feet. I plan on installing temperature monitors to gauge the change in temperature over the course of the next year – I will let you know!

Do you have any advice for people wanting to paint their roofs white?

My advice is to paint your roof white if your roof meets the criteria. I am lucky that I had the right people helping me. WRP is a great resource and I felt very comfortable putting my trust in my daughter’s guidance. I found the DIY guide easy to follow and would have been able to follow the instructions without the professional guidance – so do not feel intimidated.

I am open to talking to my neighbors in the Medical office park about implementing white roofs, because it is very simple and who doesn’t want to save money! Reach out to my daughter – Elizabeth Kanter at – if you would like to see my roof in person and she can coordinate with me. I would be happy to show anyone who wants to look at the roof, as long as they are comfortable climbing ladders!


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