It may be chilly now, but overall things are getting pretty melty.

Melting Snowman

And it’s not just Frosty that’s in danger. Northern species such as caribou and reindeer are also feeling the impact of our warming climate – as are island nations whose shores could be swamped by the rising tides.  With temperatures and sea levels rising, a cold winter is no reason to forget about climate change.


This winter, break out that sled, build your own frosty, and get informed about the global efforts to curb climate change. Then help us save the snowmen by contributing $14 to our 2014 painting season. 


Here’s a roundup of a few interesting developments:
  • An amendment to the  Montreal Protocol, which seeks to limit the use of hydrofluorocarbons. These chemicals do not destroy the ozone layer, but they are potent at causing global warming.
  • The Federal Government increased the amount of energy it gets from renewable sources and, in June 2013, the President unveiled a comprehensive Climate Action Plan.
  • A fund was created to assist developing countries in combating climate change, but it’s underfunded.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court gets ready to hear climate change cases.
Happy winter and happy holidays!
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