Just a block north of the “model block” in NoHo, the White Roof Project has made some friends at the historic DeVinne Press Building on the corner of East 4th Street and Lafayette. Inspired by what the White Roof Project is doing on the Lower East Side, Shoot Digital (a digital imaging, retouching, + photography studio – check ‘em out at www.shootdigital.com) in collaboration with T&J Construction Corp. & their very environmentally conscious building owners will be painting their 13,000 square foot roof white this Spring!

Do you know a building owner who’s been inspired to paint their roof white? Let us know!

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One Response to Roof Painting in NOHO this Spring with Shoot Digital!

  1. Mark Ryan says:

    Hi My name is Mark Ryan I am the Art Director for Contractors Advantage. We are doing a story on the benefits of green roofs and white roofs in our May/June issue and we were hoping you could help supply high res imagery that would support the story.

    • Website: http://www.castle.ca/subscribe_form.php

    • Circulation: 24,000

    • Editors: Lawrence Cummer: 416.429.6022
    Paul Barker: 416.442.5600 ex. 6752

    • Requestor: Mark Ryan 416.442.5600 ex.3541

    • How the images will be used: Within a magazine layout/if the quality is good enough it will also be submmited to the client as a cover option.

    • When it will the images appear: May/June Issue

    Thank you for your time.

    Have a great day!
    Mark Ryan
    Art Director
    Business Information Group
    416.442.5600 ex.3541

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