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We can help you get started. Our programs include: DIY, general advising, building sponsorship.

Do It Yourself. 

You can do it! Download the DIY Packet and get started today. It's easier than you think. How-to video included!

Get a little help.

Not a contractor? Getting to your roof can seem like a daunting task. Most of our projects are completed by volunteers - accountants, homeowners, college students - all novice painters. These folks have no prior construction experience, but with a little help they're white roofing in no time. Provide the information listed below to receive referrals to coating distributors in your area and additional suggestions for how to complete your rooftop. If you're not able to do your own labor, we can also connect you to a workforce crew or contractor in your area. Note: we seek out green products and fair labor practices. We do not have official relationships with any of the groups we recommend and are not paid for our recommendations. When you're done requesting advice, download the DIY Packet anyway. It will help you understand the steps involved in a white roof project. 

To get some advice, ask your question and tell us your: 

Building Address

If you can, also answer these questions:

How many stories does your building have? 
What color is your rooftop?
How big is your rooftop?

Email this information to info [at] whiteroofproject [dot] org. We will respond as soon as we can! 

Sign up for sponsorship. Nonprofits and low-income buildings may be eligible for our building sponsorship program.

Nonprofits and low-income buildings may be eligible for our building sponsorship program. Sponsored rooftops incur no project costs. They are matched with local donors. All painting is completed by volunteers. Currently, this program is only available in New York City and Fresno, California. For more information or to sign up, click the link below. 

Get the sponsorship process started.

Tell us your: 

Building Address

Email this information to info [at] whiteroofproject [dot] org. We will respond with more information on how to officially enroll in our building sponsorship program. 

We are focused on grassroots projects that work with economically disadvantaged communities.

We work toward better education and awareness about the benefits of white roofing, often going to community groups, mentoring programs, and non-profits to present the white roofs concept. We encourage community involvement and input.

While we target economically disadvantaged communities for sponsorship, we also speak to co-op boards, real estate groups and business. Any group or person with an interest in the economic and/or environmental benefits of white roofing is a potential partner. 

Our methodology for activating local groups and municipalities is a new and different way of approaching the problem.

We engage and empower individuals to volunteer on rooftops and work autonomously to activate and create change. We help white roof volunteers all over the country complete Do It Yourself projects and start saving money. We create white roof groups (chapters) in cities across the United States so that potential white roofers can meet and start a plan for their first project.