Rooftops Coated



Volunteers Activated



Community Partners

We are focused on grassroots projects that work with economically disadvantaged communities.

We work toward better education and awareness about the benefits of white roofing, often going to community groups, mentoring programs, and non-profits to present the white roofs concept. We encourage community involvement and input. White roofing is one step towards a more sustainable community. We also speak to co-op boards, real estate groups and business that are interested in the economic and environmental benefits of white roofing. In some cities, new roof reflectance requirements are now in place. We stay abreast of the changing policy climate and inform interested parties of new rules as well as any new rebates associated with white roofing.

Our methodology for activating local groups and municipalities is a new and different way of approaching the problem.

We engage and empower individuals to volunteer on rooftops and work autonomously to activate and create change. We help white roof volunteers all over the country complete Do It Yourself projects and start saving money. We create white roof groups (chapters) in cities across the United States so that potential white roofers can meet and start a plan for their first project.

We sponsor worthy buildings.

Nonprofits and low-income buildings may be eligible for our building sponsorship program. Sponsored rooftops incur no project costs. They are matched with local donors. All painting is completed by volunteers. For more information email Heather at hjames [at] whiteroofproject [dot] org. (Currently, this program is only available in New York City.)