DIY potential at VCU

A DIY is in the works at VCU! A few weeks ago we were contacted by an intrepid student at Virginia Commonwealth University. She's working with a team to plan a huge white roofing event on campus with the help of our DIY packet and video. 


In this post, VCU student Chelsea Halladay tells us her white roofing story. Her goal is to white coat two buildings on campus. The targeted rooftops are 36,000 square feet and 13,000 square feet. With an expected savings of $60,000 per year and $24,000 per year respectively, Chelsea's planned DIY would be a great benefit to the university. 

Here's what Chelsea told us about her interest in white roofing: 

We were assigned to think of a local project that could get communities involved and/or spread awareness of environmental topics. I am extremely passionate about our mother, Earth. She is our home and sanctuary, we must respect her and take very good care of her. The way our cities were built and the overall infrastructure has created unforeseen consequences and now we are paying the price (literally!). So I feel a personal duty to fulfill any action plan I can in order to protect the well-being of our planet, AND everyone living on it. It's all about give and take, we just need to step up our GIVE GAME. That's what this whole White Roofs RVA [Richmond, Virginia] project is about, is giving back to the environment. I truly trust the impact these "simple" changes could have if we are granted the permission to proceed. Not only would the school be benefitting, but so would the city of Richmond Virginia as a whole.

Chelsea Halladay is working with a partner and two professors to accomplish this project. She also hopes to get other students involved. Here's how she described her current partners,

Daniel McGarvey, PhD is my Environmental Studies Senior Seminar professor. He just wants us to succeed and to feel a sense of self-accomplishment once the projects are complete.

Laura Chessin is a Graphics Design Senior Seminar professor. She loves the environment also, and naturally found herself collaborating with Dr. McGarvey. She encourages us to stay active with environmental issues and to be aware of current local affairs. 

Zac Carroll is my group partner! His whole theme as an artist is black/white/grey scale. When he read that the project involved black and white he was immediately excited to work on the visual aspects of white roof promotion at VCU. 

Editor's note: Virginia Commonwealth University has not yet agreed to White Roofs RVA's proposal. This project is contingent upon funding and is in the preliminary stages of planning. Good luck VCU! 



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