Political Will for a Livable World

Want to tell Washington D.C. to make our world more livable? Get ready for a climate lobby day in June by getting to know Citizens’ Climate Lobby. Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a is a non-profit, grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change. They train and support volunteers to reclaim their democracy and

engage elected officials and the media to generate the political will for solutions that will stabilize the Earth’s climate. Right now, CCL is lobbying for the Climate Protection Act. Help generate support for the Boxer-Sanders Climate Protection Act.

What Else Can I Do to Help Get Climate Change Legislation Passed?

Introductory conference call

Need to find out more about Citizens Climate Lobby? We have a special introductory call every Wednesday evening at 8 p.m. Eastern time to tell newcomers how CCL works, what we advocate for, and how people can get involved. You can register for the call here.

Current Monthly Action Sheet

Each month CCL coordinates Action Items that chapters across the US and Canada participate in, plus chapters are urged to participate in other actions throughout the month based on opportunities that arise for political and media attention.  Learn about all of the current actions you can get involved in here.

Attend a CCL Regional Conference

In the fall and winter — 2013-2014 — CCL will hold regional conferences throughout the U.S. for volunteers to get the training they need to develop relationships with congressional offices and media contacts. Find one in your region here.

Letters of Support

To convince members of Congress to pass carbon fee-and-dividend legislation, CCL is circulating a letter of support for businesses, organizations and communities of faith to sign. You can help by asking businesses, organizations and religious communities in your are to sign the letter.  Get more instructions and download a copy of the letter here.

Letters to the Editor/Editorial Boards

Contact your newspaper’s editorial board and ask them to write an editorial in favor of carbon fee-and-dividend legislation. Click here for more information and the latest CCL editorial packet.

Listen to CCL’s Monthly National Conference Call

On the first Saturday of each month, Citizens Climate Lobby hosts a national call for all our chapters, featuring guest speakers, reports from the field and the actions of the month. Find out who are next speaker is and register to listen here.

Find a list of current campaigns for CCL here.

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