A note about one of our newest partners from our Volunteer Coordinator Kendra Pierre-Louis:

We’re huge fans of the East Village Community Coalition (EVCC), and not just because they graciously gave us a space to eat and access to their bathrooms while we were coating (a different) building in their neighborhood last week (we can’t thank them enough). What makes the East Village Community Coalition awesome is its focus on human scale development a concept which encompasses broad ideas ranging from transportation, diversity, localism, and yes, environmental sustainability.

Human Scale development is a concept that is strongly in line with what we at the White Roof project are striving towards. After all, white roofs aren’t just great for the environment – they’re great for people too.

Here in New York City we’re once again baking in what feels like the ten thousandth day in which temperatures have soared above 90-degrees (a quick Google search assures us that it’s only about 9 days, though Bill McKibben courtesy of Think Progress happily reminds us that June’s heat wave broke a scarily impressive 3,215 temperature records). Even for those of us who like the heat, the heat is almost smothering.

This is why White Roofs are so fantastic – they cool buildings, and by proxy cities, immediately. Yes, long term white roofs lower electrical usage, cutting bills and reducing the amount of climate changing gasses in the atmosphere which will in turn, hopefully, eventually, reduce the number of 90-degree plus days. But we don’t have to wait for eventually to see the results – we can see the benefits to humans right away.

And that’s kind of awesome.

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