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Meet a Few of Our Partners 


Allan Brenner

Managing Member and Chief Financial Officer of Great Eastern Energy 

Great Eastern Energy (GEE) is an alternative energy supplier of natural gas, electricity and energy solutions in NY, NJ, and MA. We build a trusted partnership by delivering cost-effective solutions and maintaining the highest level of service and integrity.  

Allan Brenner is the managing member and CFO at Great Eastern Energy (GEE), an alternative supplier of natural gas, electricity and renewable energy. Allan is focused on empowering people with the knowledge needed to make sustainable energy decisions, in the hopes of building a better environment for future generations. Allan is also deeply vested in supporting local organizations and charities through GEE, prioritizing those with low overhead who reinvest their funds directly back into the community. 


 Edson Moniz Moreno

Project Development Manager at Cool My Planet 

Coolmyplanet.org is a global initiative of civic action designed to combat change through the involvement of citizens and companies. We are a platform that allow citizens to offset their personal carbon footprint based on companies effort to reduce the climate impact of their activities.

Coolmyplanet.org has undertaken the approach of involving every individual as well as companies, organizations, institutions or associations whom dedicate their efforts to fight climate change together. Edson Moreno says the nonprofit aims to give visibility to civic engagement programs worldwide because the participation of citizens is the key to push companies to start using the cleantech as a way to achieve a carbon-free economy. 

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