Our Vision

The Leadership


Jacqueline Lyoussi | Executive Director

Jacqueline Lyoussi joined the board of the White Roof Project in 2012.  During her three years with the organization, she has supervised on site painting projects, contributed to the development of fundraising and sponsorship programs, and the expansion of building projects into new neighborhoods including Harlem, Astoria and Staten Island. Jacqueline is proud to step into the role of Executive Director for 2015, and is excited to build upon the strong foundations that Rachel Laserin and Heather James established for the organization.

As a life long activist in human rights issues, Jacqueline's passion and dedication for environmental justice and community service was what initially drew her to the simple, yet effective concept of white roof coating.  As a professional since 2006 in the field of residential real estate in Manhattan, Jacqueline realized that there was a disconnect between old world charm of architecture and shiny new developments in the ever changing skyline of New York. Though this diversity is what makes our city so unique and special, it also poses valid questions on topics such as sustainability.

Jacqueline's participation as a painting volunteer on the Model block Project in the Lower East Side sparked the realization that black tar rooftops can become blank white canvasses as a first step toward reducing carbon emissions and mitigating the heat island effect. Her desire to contribute to solutions in our changing Urban lifestyle led to the commitment of education and advocacy of white roofs, with the vision that one day, some if not all roofs in New York City can participate in both energy efficient and health beneficial mechanisms such as wind energy, solar energy, water shedding, and roof gardens. Jacqueline's educational background is in Fine Arts and Fashion Design; she is also a nature lover, outdoor sports enthusiast, and a world traveler.

You can reach Rachel at jes [at] whiteroofproject [dot] org.


Juan Carlos | Founder

Juan Carlos works at the intersection between storytelling and strategy. Currently at Participant Media in the Social Action department, he analyzes impact and develops campaign strategies. In 2013 Juan Carlos directed his second motion picture "Know How", a musical written and acted by foster care youth about their real lives. A few years earlier he founded White Roof Project. He directed and edited the award-winning documentary "Second Skin", and produced short documentaries for Vice Magazine. As an activist Juan Carlos has been involved with non-profits Streetwise Partners and the Manhattan Young Democrats since 2009.

You can reach Juan Carlos at jcpe [at] whiteroofproject [dot] org.

Board of Directors

Heather B. James | Board Member, Secretary

Heather B. James served as Executive Director of the White Roof Project from its founding in 2010 until 2012. Heather has an MA from the CUNY Graduate Center and is currently completing her Ph.D. at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. She holds two fellowships at Rutgers, including a prestigious award from the Eagleton Institute of Politics. Heather has nonprofit experience in the areas of grant evaluation, research, and writing. Heather has also served as a board member for various community-based organizations. In this capacity, she organized many large volunteer events and has extensive experience in volunteer recruitment, management, and project planning.  Heather brings this skill set to the White Roof Project and is proud to manage the New York City chapter’s building sponsorship and volunteer painting programs.

You can reach Heather at hjames [at] whiteroofproject [dot] org.

Susanne Mueller| Board Member

Susanne Mueller is an executive coach and consultant. Originally from Switzerland, she currently lives in New York City. Susanne graduated from Columbia University, speaks six languages, and assists White Roof Project with event planning and board development. 

Paul Davis | Board Member, Treasurer

Paul is an attorney with a long-standing commitment to harnessing modern means to develop sustainable ways of living in harmony with our natural surroundings.  He graduated from Clark University in Worcester, MA, in 2003 with a B.A. in Government & International Relations.  While at Clark Paul worked on a sustainability project with the Marsh Institute to identify the development priorities of the Main South neighborhood and interned with the Regional Environmental Council of Central Massachusetts.  He earned his Juris Doctorate from New England School of Law in Boston, MA, in 2008.  While earning his J.D. Paul concentrated part of his study on climate change law & policy, completed a clinical externship with the Mass. Dept. of Environmental Protection Office of General Counsel, and was a quarter-finalist in the 2007 National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition.  He currently works in the area of real estate law while pursuing an L.L.M. in Tax from New York Law School.  Paul is thrilled to further his passion for developing more sustainable ways to live by working with the White Roof Project.

You can reach Paul at pdavis [at] whiteroofproject [dot] org.


John Kolp | Buildings Coordinator

You can reach John at jkolp [at] whiteroofproject [dot] org.

Diomedes ‘Dio’ Tsitouras | General Counsel

You can reach Dio at dtsitourus [at] whiteroofproject [dot] org.

Pablo Munoz Hernandez | Environmental Policy 

Max Patinkin | General Counsel

Keith Gotcliffe | Social Media

Trevor Dunn | Intern, Buildings Committee