Our Friends at D3 Green Group are hosting a talk on Climate Change on December 8th, hosted by Paul Reale. It’s going to be a great event! RSVP below!

RSVP hereFacebook Event Here

To most people, the topic of climate change can feel overwhelming. Many people don’t understand the science; some feel swayed by the deniers who say climate change isn’t happening. Others believe it’s happening, but feel powerless in the face of extreme weather events, melting ice caps, and images of polar bears drowning. They worry about the future their children will inherit. What can we do? First, learn the facts. Then learn about the solutions. In this presentation, Mr. Reale will use powerful audio visuals to discuss the science of climate change, its effects, denial in government and the media, and then will zero in on what can be done about it all, including personal actions people can take. A public discussion, with a question and answer format, will follow the presentation.

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