Hurricane Sandy: Help Us Help Out, New Climate Change Buzz

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, most of the White Roof team remains in the dark. Thankfully, we’re all okay. Our home base of New York City took a hard hit. If you’re able and in the area, you can help our friends recover. 

Donate your time and efforts to help New York City:

Sign up to volunteer in NYC
Help the Lower East Side, home to our model block and a lot of flooding, click to get connected with The Lower East Side Recovers.
The New York Blood Center will be open this week and accepting donations.  Make an appointment HERE

Or help needy counties in New Jersey and across the Northeast:

Donate to the Salvation Amy
Donate to the Red Cross

We’ve been hearing more and more about climate change this week. A plethora of articles connecting Sandy to rising oceans and warming water temperatures are out. More extensive studies are sure to come. While climate change is making news, remind your friends that it is up to us to take care of our Earth. Then take one small step to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by coating your roof white this spring.

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