One of the many organizations that joined us on August 22 was the Fiver Children’s Foundation a comprehensive 10 year mentoring program for children in New York City. Chris Chavez from Fiver and several of their program participants had a great time helping organize the volunteers and paint the roof!

The Fiver Children’s Foundation had a wonderful time volunteering with the White Roof Project on the Lower East Side.  The impact such a seemingly small act like painting a roof white can have on a city is so empowering.  

Fiver participants are encouraged to be good stewards of their environment and give back to their greater NYC community.  The White Roof Project, by offering leadership and a crisp online presence, is one way to turn the modest contributions of individuals into a major impact on entire communities.  Fiver staff cannot wait for an opportunity to involve another group of teens in a White Roof Project.  Keep up the awesome work!

Fiver Children’s Foundation’s goal is to empower young people to reach their full potential, we are thrilled to have been a part of that process! We hope to see you all soon!


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