Data Lover Wanted!





This year, we are part of a project called CUSP (Climate and Urban Systems Partnership). As part of this multi-city, NSF-funded initiative, the New York Hall of Science created a consortium to develop a plan for effective climate change education for urban audiences. CUSP’s first project is to unveil a digital map and toolkit that will help users to visualize climate change and its impacts on city living.


White Roof Project is seeking a Data Analysis intern to collect and store data from two rooftop temperature monitors. This data will eventually become part of the CUSP map. We are also seeking an intern to compile three years of pre and post energy usage data from residents of our model block – a cluster of 20 white roofed buildings on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

The Data Analysis Intern will spend approximately 10 hours a week visiting two rooftops to collect temperature data, downloading this data using the appropriate software, and cataloging the data for future use. Additionally, the Data Analysis Intern will work with professionals at CUSP, the White Roof Project Policy Committee, and our Executive Director to devise a written plan and method for studying collected information. Finally, the Data Analysis Intern will help execute the planned study and will be responsible for creating a top-line for the purpose of promoting the study and sharing its preliminary results.

This is a great opportunity for the right person to work with NY Science and CUSP as well as other well-established environmental and energy groups that are part of the CUSP consortium.

Background in urban planning or environmental science preferred. Statistical training is desirable but not a requirement.



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