We're on the map! Help us add all WRP projects to this bird's eye view of New York City. There are a lot of white roofs to add. 


Our friends at Climate and Urban Systems Partnership (CUSP) have officially launched a comprehensive map of sustainability concerns and solutions in New York. The CUSP map:

  • Mixes data sets with personal stories about climate impacts and solutions
  • Helps New Yorkers connect with solutions they can get involved in
  • Visually bridges the gap between isolated projects

The best part - it's interactive. If you've seen, done, or created something related to climate and energy you can add it to the map! Beyond adding your own work, you can tell your friends about the map. They'll get ideas and see how easy it really is to take action on climate change.

Help us add all of our work to the map. You can even share your volunteer story. Visit the map:

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