White Roof Project was proud to spend a fine September day coating another rooftop with International Union of Operating Engineers Local 94. This year, we were up in Harlem, where we are working to begin our second model block project with the help of Lott Community Development Corporation.

White Roof Project works to mitigate the Urban Heat Island effect – the super heating of cities in the summer due to a proliferation of dark surfaces like roofs and roads. Local 94 was eager to support our work again this year and to continue giving rooftops a shiny new coat of white. As the maintainers of our city’s heating and air conditioning systems, they’ve been thinking about sustainability and operating efficiency for more than 50 years. Local 94, we really appreciate your continued partnership!

This year’s team coated the roof of a nonprofit, low-income residential building. This building was twice the size of last year’s project, but it didn’t take twice as long!

Local 94 rolling

The Local 94 team is still the fastest team we’ve ever worked with – on any rooftop! They finished the project less than 1.5 hours after starting. The roof was done before we even got to lunch. Good thing we still have at least 15 buildings left to do in this neighborhood. We are going to need a lot more work to keep our friends at Local 94 occupied.

Local 94 team rolling paint

Local 94 rolling again

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