Back on the Lower East Side with Green City Force

From: MAY 22, 2014 



As part of an initiative to curb climate change, reduce stress on our city’s power grid,and save residents money, White Roof Project, Green City Force, and Council Members Chin and Mendez are excited to coat two more Manhattan rooftops 

with 90% solar-reflective white coating. These projects expand WRP’s Lower East Side model block project. The model block is a demonstration project and environmental sustainability initiative that showcases the benefits of collective, sound environmental practices. This project will white-coat two additional rooftops in the model block neighborhood: a low and middle income residence and a service and housing center for homeless New Yorkers. Rooftops will be coated by workforce trainees who are preparing for participation in the green economy.

The Lower East Side neighborhood is one of the highest per capita energy users in New York State and is known as a ‘hot spot’ in an already sweltering summer City. Hot spots experience ambient air temperatures that are even hotter than surrounding locations. WRP’s focus on the Lower East Side area is intended to help combat the increased energy usage that accomanys searing summer heat.

The model block expansion is especially precient because recent summer temperature recordings have been the hottest on record in the continental United States. Climate scientists predict that such record breaking heat is likely to be the new normal. “White roofing is a cost-effective, tangible solution that allows communities to start making change around these critical issues,”said Rachel Laiserin, Executive Director of the White Roof Project.

White Roof Project is also excited to partner with Green City Force. Green City Force’s (GCF) mission is to break the cycle of poverty, preparing urban young adults to succeed in their chosen careers by engaging them in service, training, academics and work experiences related to the clean energy economy.


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