Advocacy is close to our heart.

The best thing White Roof Project does every day is tell one new person about our mission. We bring the white roofing idea to the community by turning a myriad of statistical data and complicated ratings into easy-to-read, easy-to-understand materials that engage even the busiest building owner. We pride ourselves and being accessible, and even fun - a rarity in the roofing world.

As part of our work, we've created an informative and inspiring presentation that can be adapted for your group.

Are you a supporter that wants to get your neighborhood involved? Curious about white roof or ready with questions? We want to talk to you - and your friends. Email us at info [@] and find out how we can come speak to you! Additionally, we stay abreast of the changing policy climate and inform interested parties of new rules as well as any new rebates associated with white roofing.