About us: Jordan Reisner – Chaptering

Did you know we’re expanding to other cities? Meet the man behind the plan, Jordan Resiner! If you’re interested in starting your own WRP chapter contact Jordan through info@whiteroofproject.org. 




Photo by Jon Reznick

A native of New Jersey, Jordan graduated from Rutgers College studying economics and his professional background has spanned consulting, finance and technology. Working his entire career in the private sector, Jordan has taken a more active role in political and non-profit causes in the past year. Jordan serves on the board of the Manhattan Young Democrats at the intersection of politics and civic engagement as the Community Service Director. Attending a fundraiser for White Roof Project in 2011, Jordan was compelled to get involved in this movement. As the White Roof Project continues to gain traction, Jordan is leading efforts to coordinate WRP projects and chapters outside of our great city.

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